Friday, May 2, 2008

anonymous angel

Well, I've just visited a blog where there was quite a bit of dialogue, heated dialogue based on the bloggers critique of a certain interior designer...I wanted to jump in and be the big saviour. You know, say something profound to resolve the whole thing. I love to play the "fixer". I quickly realized it wouldn't be wise to jump in the mix. I would easily get wounded if someone lit into me with harsh words. Then I'd be pissed and have to come back with proof that I can be clever and good can come of that.
I will, however, comment here on my own blog. My observation....I believe that if someone is going to post an opinion and critique another's work, etc. it's cowardly to remain anonymous.
Anonymity can be a beautiful thing when someone is involved in an act of generosity or some noble deed and they don't want to bring attention to themselves. Otherwise, to rip someone a new one and do so anonymously is, in my opinion, lame.
I'm not sure why people find the need to tear others down anyway. I guess I do know why. Jealousy. I've certainly had my share of being envious of what others have in comparison to what I don't have. There are some extremely talented and wealthy people out there! I see some unbelievable homes on the design blogs, wow! When I get into the place where I'm comparing, that's no good.

Anyhow, this painting is interesting because the angel is below rather than above.



cotedetexas said...

Hi - great post - I know who and what you are talking about. It may make you feel better that the post has been removed. check for yourself. anyway - interesting blog you have!!!! Glad to find it and thank you SO much for your comment!!! I truly appreciate you leaving.
take care!

femme hesse said...

Thanks Joni, we are talking about the same post. I thought you're comments were very supportive and positive.


Pigtown*Design said...

I have almost given up reading that blog because the of nastieness that is allowed and even encouraged. There's a culture of our mean-ing each other and I am not interested in being a part of it.

Dear sweet Joni's come in for more than her fair share of vitriol by expressing her opinion and defending others. She does not deserve such treatment.