Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Heart

Music is such a gift. My daughter attends Long Beach City College and she's in the music program. I attended one of the concerts tonight and once again they performed
"Blow ye the Trumpet". This is such a moving piece of music it always brings me to tears. I thought this time I wouldn't be affected. Wrong. The choir comes out into the aisles of the auditorium so that the audience is surrounded by sound. I look at the faces of some in the audience and for whatever reason I feel so connected to them all, though I know none of them. We shared a moment.
There's nothing "cool" about this song. It's just beautiful. I tried to upload a version from youtube but I'm having a hard time. I've pasted the html code for reference if that does any good. I hope you have the opportunity to hear it some time.


plantgirl said...

Hi-Thanks for visiting my
- love your site, especially all the gorgeous art - roses in particular.
~plantgirl :)