Saturday, May 17, 2008

Annie Liebovitz

This is the first time I've ever posted any photos other than my own. Hopefully I won't be sued.
After the big brue-haha a few weeks ago with the Miley Cyrus photo shoot,I decided to google Annie so I could look at more of her work. I loved this series, the whole concept is really cool. I'm sorry I don't remember which site I found these on, bad form I know...sorry.



julie king said...

i read a little tidbit of something about this photo shoot recently.the photos are great -- so glamorous. but then we wouldn't expect anything less from annie leibovitz.

thanks for your kind words on my blog!!!

Shelly said...

Thanks for stopping and commenting! I've been looking at some of your posts and have really enjoyed your blog, the art is absolutely beautiful!
I'm a big fan of Annie and the whole Miley thing...hmmmmmmm.