Friday, April 18, 2014

The journey continues...
I was having a conversation with my son Jay, who is a Business Coach, and we were discussing what it is that makes him distinct from other coaches. Specifically it is his ability to "listen for what's missing."
The interesting thing is I was right in the middle of a struggle with my own dream, Bohemian Romance, the venue. So I asked my son, "What's missing?" and to my surprise he nailed it!
I was struggling with how to articulate the purpose of this venue and very simply he said "It's a place for ideas to arise. An artistic backdrop where one's own self expression can show up. A conduit for possibility."
Thanks Jay!

So as I continue in my quest to bring this vision about, I just want to remind you of the sale on my prints, buy one get one free, and the drawing for a free painting which will be held on April 30th.