Thursday, December 2, 2010

Authentic Thursday week 3

I got swept up in the holiday and missed posting last week. Here I am back on track.
I am finding this to be a trippy and cool experience, reviewing my past in a public fashion. I still have trouble typing, it hurts my wrists. I hope to eventually get a device for voice recording and avoid typing altogether!

Last week I left off with the divorce from my first husband. There is something I didn't mention about that period of my life. Husband #1 introduced me to certain Christian beliefs. He was particularly interested in the book of Revelation and "the time of the end." I was amazed to discover people actually read the Bible. I'm sure it was my first time to pick one up. It felt so special in my hands. We visited a few churches, though never became members of any of them. We just sat around drinking mad dog 20/20 and interpreting things like the Antichrist, 666, and anything else that was particularly frightening. I remember telling my Mother that the world would be ending soon. She responded by saying, "oh I guess I shouldn't bother replacing the light bulb in the kitchen, what with the world ending and all." Gotta love that woman :)

Christianity would have to wait. I still had some partying to do. After leaving my husband, I did just that. I became a young single mother with definite alcoholic tendencies. I'm not fond of reviewing this season of my journey. I was completely selfish when it came to doing what I wanted. My desire to drink and "be loved" outweighed my maternal responsibilities. Who wants to get up in the morning and fix your child breakfast when you've got a massive hangover? Not this 19 year old Mommy.
I continued on this course for a few years until I had a conversation with a friend who would eventually become Husband #2. One night in 1980, after watching the Lakers win the championship, and throwing back some beers, we started discussing the Bible. Here we go again!

More about that next week...



VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Hello,my wonderful,talented Friend Susie:-)*

I mean,realy,realy,realy talanted woman,because when I read your story...Oh,my...I can imagine HOW incradibly days can bening for you then!(I am so sory for my english...)

And HOW beautiful is your mood,your talent,your soul!!!

Thank you for share your story,
Blessings and much Love to you,

maría cecilia said...

oh those young and crazy days!!!
lots of hugs my dear Susan...

Willy said...

Hi dear Susan
It is very interesting to read about your life.You've been through a lot and can now artistically express yourself in paintings and songs.
Both are beautifu.
Hugs Willy

MariCari♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ said...

Eres impresionante, cuentas con toda mi admiración!!!

femme hesse said...

And what amazing women all of you are!!! When I finish publicly reviewing my past with all of you, I will get current on what's important to me...also, I want to interview other women on their struggles as well.

Peace and Love,