Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Natalie Wood

I keep editing, and re-editing this post. My thoughts are, "hope I don't offend anyone by saying 'Happy Birthday' to someone who's deceased." Specifically I don't want to offend any of her kin who may still grieve on her birthday. Though she's no longer with us, I want to acknowledge personally how inspired I've always been by the lovely and talented Natalie Wood.
I'm currently reading a biography of Ms. Wood, and interestingly enough today is her birthday. It's a cosmic thing dont'cha know...and I'm all about the cosmic stuff.

She was a woman whose face was utterly flawless, I really could just look at her face all day long! And there are plenty of photos to choose from.

According to her biography, she would never go out without her make up. Her need to please and be viewed as the perfect Hollywood star must have been wearing.

"I didn't know who the hell I was. I was whoever they wanted me to be."
Natalie Wood

I think I relate to that statement, though not to the degree that she experienced it. In other words, my journey has been about discovery as well. Who the heck am I? What am I about? How to be authentic? Where is my tribe?

Not being a true "writer" myself, I struggle to express my own fascination with this woman. She was such a little pixie, really. Acting aside, she had a gift of "being" that was cut short. I'm sorry for the loss.


Anonymous said...


I adore Natalie, and just watched "Love With A Perfect Stranger" on her birthday. She is one our all time favorites and I thank you for posting about her so she is not forgotten. Also, your artwork is beautiful, as is your blog. I will visit often! Regards, Barbara

femme hesse said...

Thanks Barbara!

marĂ­a cecilia said...

Hola Susan, I have been admiring your paintings for so long now!!! and I´m so happy you have a blog which I did not know you had... cool!!!
Today I enter your site thinking I need to have a Susan´s Brown painting and saw you had a blog, came here first and now will browse your galleries to see which want I want and how much it costs, also I have to know the price for the shipment to Santiago, Chile.
Many hugs to you my favorite painter ever!!!!
maria cecilia

femme hesse said...

Thank you so much Maria! Contact me when you're ready, and I can find out the price for shipping...
Your blog is gorgeous by the way!