Friday, July 30, 2010

Exciting News! (at least for me)

I'm so excited to be getting a new website soon! It will be easier to shop, and there will be some groovy new products to choose from. Also, I will be having a few give aways in the very near future. It would be awesome if you added me as a friend on facebook (I just got my account up again) so I can keep you updated as things move forward...:) my badge is over there on the sidebar.


maría cecilia said...

Hola Susan, congrats for your new site and please tell us when you have it open!!!
Sad my facebook is just for keeping family pictures and share them with my family.
Many hugs,
maria cecilia

maría cecilia said...

Thank you, Susan... I already have you in my sidebar!!!

Carola Zajdman said...

I´ve just met you trough María Cecilia. Love your beautifull work and colours. xoxo

Princesa Nadie said...

Meeting you has been a geat pleasure for me...your paintings show the world where I'm happy...colors, flowers ,tea cups...all lovely and beautiful...

ale said...

hola susan!!! l am happy that maria cecilia send us to visit you !!!!! your paint is beautifull!!!l love your flowers!!!lots of besos! and have a beautifull weeek!!!besos from buenos aires!

femme hesse said...

Thanks ladies! You are all so kind to take the time to leave a comment. xoxo Susan

Gloria said...

I got here by Maria Cecilia, after your beautiful and sensitive paintings. Un beso,regards, Gloria.

willy said...

Hi Susan on monday morning I visit the blog from Maria Cecelia and this was my comment.

"Hi Maria Cecelia This is a wonderful start on monday morning. Such lovely paintings from Susan. The bright colors makes me happy.
Thank you for sharing it with us."

You are also a great singer, lovely voice and songs.

Best regards Willy from the Netherlands

femme hesse said...

Thank you Willy. I'm happy to hear you're enjoying my music and paintings!
Much Peace and Love,

PeregrineBlue said...

So happy to have encountered your work through maria Cecilia's blog. I am in love with your paintings of roses and will visit your galleries appropriately and see if i can buy one of your prints.

Hugs, from Chile

maría cecilia said...

Dear Susan, did you see the post from Willy?? He has commented here, go to see it, you will love it!!!
hugs and peace,
maria cecilia