Saturday, April 3, 2010

Making a Difference....

Sometimes I forget what's important...I wish life would just come at me a little different than it does. The reality though is that life isn't a tidy little package that suits my every mood.

Where am I going with this? Well, heck I don't know. What's a blog for? I'm thinking it needs to be more than just a place where I post pretty pictures. I want to move and inspire others. So, even though I don't have lots of readers, I will try to bring something to the table that is...valuable.

Making a difference is important to me. I have a cousin, his name is Ray, and he has been in prison most of his adult life. He had a little penchant for burglary. He loved to break in houses and steal their valuables. From the time he was a teen into his early adulthood this was his way.

I don't want to condone what he did, but I want to tell you that he was the sweetest kid you ever could meet! Stealing aside, he had a caring heart.

I haven't seen him since he's been locked up. That's been a little over 30 years! He's been on my mind lately and I've been talking about paying him a visit. I have been attending a seminar series and during the course of this event we were asked to invent the possibility of "making a difference". I realized that I really want to make a difference with the prison system. I want to bring an education to the inmates that will truly "transform" their lives. I honestly know very little about what goes on in these institutions, but it seems clear that they aren't being reformed. Rather, it seems they are breeding more criminals.

I'm choosing to take this on! This is huge, I realize...but I need my life to be about more than just painting pretty pictures. There is another area where I want to make a difference and I will write about that in another post...

Peace and Love,