Thursday, January 13, 2011

Authentic Thursday week 6

If you've been following this mini series, you'll know I've been sharing (on a somewhat personal level) a sort of memoir. I've been dreading this week...actually, I'm feeling like backing out completely. Why you ask? Ok, maybe you don't ask :) but here's why; lots of yucky stuff!!! Also, I have to tread delicately in this area as the information does involve those of my loved ones.
Some good stuff too though~

Here's something I deliberately left out of my last segment: part of what prompted me to leave my marriage, religion, etc. was an infatuation with another man. More like an obsession. Let's put it this way...listen to my cd. Most of the songs on there were written during that period of my life.
Due to the tenets of my religion of that time, I was cut off from the congregation for being an adulterer. I felt like a murderer. I knew I had hurt my husband...badly. It was a tremendous shock to all those in my life.
I moved out of my home and into the artist loft I was renting in downtown Long Beach. This was in 1997. I spent the next 4 years painting, writing songs, and being in a relationship that was passionately painful.
Since I had left my beliefs and friends behind, my love/romance became my new religion.

In February of 2000 my father died. In September 2001 my romantic relationship ended and I had my conversation with God. I will wrap this up next week.

Much happiness,


marĂ­a cecilia said...

Hola Susan, I have missed your memoirs lately, will read them when I have some more time, but seeing Amma the hugging mother here is a good thing to me and tells me something of what you´ve found regarding your relationship with God/Goddess, Universe, Energy, All that Is, Satchitananda, etc..
Wishing you lots of Love