Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So, I made an attempt to do some paintings based on Maria's photos...and came up with something completely different!
Let's just say these were "inspired" by her photos, in no way do they capture the magic and light that are found in the originals.
Well...I tried :)


maría cecilia said...

Wow!! So beautiful, Susan!!! Lovely, pretty, wonderful!! I understand what you say, it happens to me so many times, inspiration is just great to pull out just yourself!!!
Thank you so much, I´m really grateful and honored that someone as talented as you can be inspired by something I create.
maria cecilia

willy said...

Hi Susan, wonderfull paintings, it couldn't be better. It makes me happy.
Have a nice day, hugs Willy

femme hesse said...

Thank you both! I should have spent more time studying the original photos :)

Mirian Decorações said...

Muito Bom Susan !!!

Amo esse estilo de pintura!


"Een sneller kloppend hart ♥" said...

My God, you did this by yourself? It is wonderfully done!
(thank you for visiting me by the way, I enjoy that so much :)
I love these paintings....it is so dreamy and feels like a fairytale...I love it!

Huggs from Holland!

~ Veronique ~

"Een sneller kloppend hart ♥" said...

What a question! sorry haha...I was writing this and was thinking...I saw work like this before!
Little confused by the name femme hesse....So I was on the blog Susan Brown!! Yes, yours!
Well...I see so many blogs...sometimes I don't remember where I was :)

Hope you understand my English...


femme hesse said...

Thank you Veronique and Mirian!
Sorry about my weird name...Femme Hesse, I am a bit odd :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my these paintings are beautiful! your so talented. Tazzy