Tuesday, February 23, 2010

सन फ्रांसिस्को १९६७

For some strange reason my blog title is in a different language...It's supposed to read "San Francisco 1967".

Anyhow, that's the year I first visited this city. I came here with my Father and siblings to visit my Uncle. I was so awestruck! 9 years old, and utterly smitten with everything that is/was San Francisco. Visually, I mean there are no words in my vocabulary to describe the impression that was left on me.
I decided then and there that I wanted to be an artist, musician and hippie.

My guess is you would have had to be there. Seeing the swarms of colorful flower children was much more concentrated in San Francisco than your average town, including San Diego (where I lived)China town was out of this world!

During that visit I was introduced to an artist named Gilbert Johnson. Walking up the stairs into his apartment was a painting which captivated me.

So, I am currently staying with my Uncle and having the opportunity to live in the city (temporarily) and experience it for a short while. When I first moved in back in November, he pulled the painting out of the closet and I felt as though I had come full circle. It's been 43 years since seeing the very painting that inspired me to be an artist. I also had the chance to be reintroduced to Gilbert and he showed me more of his work.
I've included that painting in this post as well as other images/posters of Gilbert's.

I'm amazed as I look at his work and how much I was influenced by his style/subjects. I don't in any way compare his skill level to mine (he's way more skilled) still, there are similarities.

Meeting Gilbert again brought me back to that time in the 60's...he most definitely reminded me of the hippies...

Please be sure and visit his site. www.gilbertjohnsondesigns.com