Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Attitude...lucky girl

I was complaining to a friend, well not complaining just bemoaning my current situation actually. Let me start over.
I am so impressed with the caliber of women bloggers out there. They are so gracious and poised. I love the decor blogs particularly. I notice some bloggers have mission statements as to the purpose of their blogs and they seem to stay true to their mission. I see so many gorgeous and utterly amazing photos of the most tasteful homes. I'm overloaded with visual thrills that compel me to want to paint everything at once.
Where I'm going with this, I don't know. I guess I'm looking for my voice. Relevance of some sort. A valid reason to have this blog. All I can guarantee is I'll stay true to myself, whatever that means. Hopefully the person I am will grow. Well, in fact I absolutely WILL grow, at what pace I don't know.
In the meanwhile, I am still the extremely self obsessed Susan Brown who may tend to go on and on about herself, her life her dreams and disappointments. There will be plenty of pictures as well.
Anyhow, about my friend and my complaining. I was telling him I don't know why I chose to be an artist and he said "you didn't choose, you just are an artist" and it hit a place within that rung true. My sister calls it the truth bell where you just know. And so, wah wah I whine sometimes about my struggles, but all in all I'm really lucky. Attitude is everything. And look at these roses I planted a few years ago. They're blooming again even though they were dormant all winter.


Anita@ The Pink Funny Farm said...

HOORAY!! You did it's easy........actually, it's hard to shut up!! Your blog looks amazing, not that I would expect anything less from you! I am so proud of you! Just have fun with it, I always love listening to you, so I'm sure that other people will too! I am going to include you in my next post, K?